Reiki Healing 

Attuned since 2013, Yani has been practicing on herself and friends the ancient art of Reiki healing (trained in Usui & Kemetic lineages), and is excited to bring it into her massage practice for the first time! Reiki is an ancient energy healing practice that is noninvasive and involves a practitioner who has been attuned to the activation of universal life source energy through a sacred ceremony performed by a Reiki Master. This energy is then passed from the practitioner onto their client during a reiki session that may or may not be hands-on, and meant to assist in balancing the chakras ( energy portals everyone has within themselves), neutralize trauma, and aid in the flow of Chi, Ki (energy) throughout one's body. The Reiki practitioner may use sacred symbols, crystals, pendulums, sound, or light therapy to aid in creating a balanced energy field and promoting homeostasis within the body and soul. 

*Yani is currently offering complimentary Reiki during 60+ minute massage sessions until reaching her next-level attunement. 

Polarity Therapy