CBDeep Massage offers 30/60/90/120 Minute massages that are specifically customized during each session to meet the client's needs and intentions.

We recommend 60-minute massages be for upper body or half body massages while 90 or 120-minute massages for full-body sessions to allow enough time for your muscles to fully relax. 

The CBD experience will last about 4 hours, please avoid any high impact activities or showering during this time to enhance relaxation and for the CBD to fully take effect. 

CBDeep Massage LLC is a studio designed to encourage the benefits of industrial hemp and cannabis products in the massage. CHABA oils and products (legal in WA state only) are used during every service where "CBDeep" is in the name when booking. You are always welcome to opt-out of using these CBD based products and a homemade hemp seed massage cream will be used in their place. You can do this by booking a Hemp Massage when booking online. Hemp seed itself is rich in numerous antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties alone, meaning you will receive beneficial results from the plant no matter which you choose. Please note that all CHABA products used are lab-tested and approved by the state of Washington. RCW 69.50.575